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Eternal Patrol
"...Now's the time to flood your tanks and trim up 'fore and aft
It's a trifle late when the Klaxon sounds to square away your craft
Your final billet lies below, on "old ocean's" floor
So be ready when the last word's passed... sailor, rest your oar"
(Author unknown)

Clyde 'Al' Albergottie September 19, 2016 Qualified 1960, USS Blenny (SS-324)
John Alexander August 10, 2015 Qualified 1944, USS Haddock (SS-231)
Lloyd Berger December 29, 2005 Qualified 1966, USS Lafayette (SSBN-616)
Edward Ellsworth July 12, 2008 Qualified 1944, USS Blackfin (SS-322)
Richard Estell February 25, 2010 Qualified 1944, USS Scabbardfish (SS-397)
Russell L. Ferguson May 17, 2015 Qualified 1945, USS Haddo (SS-255)
Benjamin Earl Grimes February 19, 2013 Qualified 1944, USS Raton (SS-270)
John Hazen July 20, 2011 Qualified 1978, USS George Bancroft (SSBN-643)
Robert Gus Hoehl June 21, 2012 Qualified 1944, USS Flounder (SS-251)
William C. Holly August 24,2010 Qualified 1957, USS Ray(SS-271)
Orville Eugene "Gene" Horton March 5, 2013 Qualified 1951, USS Chivo (SS-341)
Cecil E. Johnson January 9, 2015 Qualified 1964, USS Dogfish (SS-350)
Rick Larson May 28, 2008 Qualified 1973, USS Halibut (SSN-587)
Henry "Butch" Leffin January 7, 2013 Qualified 1956, USS Hardhead (SS-365)
George Leonard July 31, 2007 Qualified 1963, USS Picuda (SS-382)
Mark Merriman October 16,2005 Qualified 1991, USS Lewis and Clark (SSBN-644)
Cheryl Morton September 29, 2005 Associate Member
James L. Morton May 4, 2013 Qualified 1963, USS Baya (SS-318)
Joseph W. Murphy April 27, 2013 Qualified 1947, USS Bugara (SS-331)
Clement E. O'Brien April 10, 2015 Qualified 1943, USS Albacore (SS-218)
Marv Pastor December 9, 2013 Qualified 1955, USS Razorback (SS-394)
Phil Philipps August 29, 2013 Qualified 1949, USS Segundo (SS-398)
George Howard “Skip” Sanderson Jr November 30, 2011 Qualified 1965, USS Piper (SS-409)
Clarence O. "CO" Smith June 12, 2010 Qualified 1944, USS Nautilus (SS-168)
Denver Smith January 15, 2017 Qualified 1943, USS Grayling (SS-209)
George H. Trace December 20, 2014 Qualified 1951, USS Caiman (SS-323)
James E Williams November 2, 2016 Qualified 1965, USS Atule (SS-403)
Ken Van Buren April 30, 2005 Qualified 1956, USS Amberjack (SS-522)

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