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Holland Club members are USSVI members who qualified in submarines at least 50 years ago.
They are the men who have set the example for young submariners to follow.

Members Photo, Name and Boat are Links that will open a new page
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Denver Smith

Eternal Patrol January 15, 2017
Denver Smith EM1(SS)
1943 USS Grayling (SS-209)

John Alexander

Eternal Patrol August 10, 2015
John Alexander TM3(SS)
1944 USS Haddock (SS-231)

Ed Ellsworth

Eternal Patrol July 12, 2008
Edward Ellsworth EM1(SS)
1944 USS Blackfin(SS-322)

Richard Estell

Eternal Patrol February 25, 2010
Richard Estell TME2(SS)

Ben Grimes

Eternal Patrol February 19, 2013
Benjamin Grimes TM3(SS)
1944 USS Raton (SS-270)

Gus Hoehl

Eternal Patrol June 21, 2012
Robert Hoehl MOMM1C(SS)
1944 USS Flounder (SS-251)

Clem O'Brien

Eternal Patrol April 10, 2015
Clem O'Brien CDR
1944 USS Albacore (SS-218)

Clarence Smith

Eternal Patrol June 12, 2010
Clarence Smith Jr. EM3(SS)
1944 USS Nautilus(SS-168)

Russ Ferguson

Eternal Patrol May 17, 2015
Russell Ferguson EM3(SS)
1946 USS Haddo (SS-255)

Joe Murphy

Eternal Patrol April 27, 2013
Joseph Murphy EM3(SS)
1947 USS Bugara (SS-331)

Bob Wells

Eternal Patrol January 3, 2019
Bob Wells SN(SS)
1947 USS Capitaine (SS-336)

Phil Philipps

Eternal Patrol August 29, 2013
Phil Philipps LCDR
1949 USS Segundo (SS-398)

Gene Horton

Eternal Patrol March 5, 2013
Gene Horton RM2(SS)
1951 USS Chivo (SS-341)

John Palmer

Eternal Patrol March 23, 2019
John Palmer FN(SS)
1951 USS Guavina (SS-362)

George Trace

Eternal Patrol December 20, 2014
George Trace YN1(SS)
1951 USS Caiman (SS-323)

Ronald Waldron

Eternal Patrol January 11, 2020
Ronald Waldron LCDR
1953 USS Charr (SS-328)

Bernard Kenyon

Bernard Kenyon QM3(SS)
1954 USS Hardhead (SS-365)

John Leers

Eternal Patrol October 3, 2018
John Leers YNCS(SS)
1954 USS Sea Owl (SS-405)

Lee Mather

Eternal Patrol November 30, 2018
Lee Mather SN(SS)
1954 USS Crevalle (SS-291)

John Pendleton

Eternal Patrol June 22, 2015
John Pendleton LCDR
1954 USS Toro (SS-422)

Ron Rossington

Ronald Rossington TMC(SS)
1954 USS Conger (SS/AGSS-477)

Marv Pastor

Eternal Patrol December 9, 2013
Marvin Pastor EM3(SS)
1955 USS Razorback (SS-394)

Henry Leffin

Eternal Patrol January 7, 2013
Henry Leffin QM2(SS)
1956 USS Hardhead (SS-365)

Charles Martin

Charles Martin ETCM(SS)
1956 USS Pomfret (SS-391)

Bill McCorkle

Bill McCorkle CS3(SS)
1956 USS Dogfish (SS-350)

Sam Templeton

Eternal Patrol January 23, 2018
Sam Templeton EM1(SS)
1956 USS Trutta (SS-421)

John Woodmansee

John Woodmansee ET1(SS)
1956 USS Hardhead (SS-365)

William Dumbauld

William Dumbauld MMCS(SS)
1957 USS Caiman (SS-323)

William Holly

Eternal Patrol August 24, 2010
William Holly RD1(SS)
1957 USS Ray(SS-271)

Richard Morin

Eternal Patrol September 15, 2017
Richard Morin CAPT
1957 USS Raton (SSR-270)

Dave O'Carroll

David O'Carroll EN(SS)
1957 USS Salmon (SSR-573)


Eternal Patrol September 19, 2016
Clyde 'Al' Albergottie ETCM(SS)
1960 USS Blenny (SS-324)

Bob Frier

Leroy "Red" Downard ENC(SS)
1960 USS Cutlass (SS-478)

Bob Frier

Bob Frier TM3(SS)
1960 USS Menhaden (SS-377)


Kenneth Strahm CAPT
1960 USS Bream (SS-243)


Lynn Trump EM2(SS)
1960 USS Sea Cat (SS-399)


Galin Brady LCDR
1962 USS Swordfish (SSN-579)


James Killen ETR2(SS)
1963 USS James Madison (SSBN-627)


George R. McWilliams CAPT
1963 USS Tiru (SS-416)


William C. Meyer RM2(SS)
1963 USS Tigrone (SS-419)


Eternal Patrol May 4, 2013
James L. Morton RM2(SS)
1963 USS Baya (SS-318)


Angelo J. Naso EM3(SS)
1963 USS Bluegill (SS-242)


Eternal Patrol March 13, 2019
Bruce M. Rinehart FTG2(SS)
1963 USS Tigrone (SS-419)


William L Foreman ET1(SS)
1964 USS Cusk (SS-348)


Eternal Patrol January 9, 2015
Cecil Johnson IC2(SS)
1964 USS Dogfish (SS-350)


George F.Petershagen LCDR
1964 USS Remora (SS-487)


Dick Martin ET1(SS)
1965 USS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN-633)


Eternal Patrol November 2, 2016
James Williams MT2(SS)
1965 USS Atule (SS-403)


Alan Forry EN2(SS)
1966 USS Bang (SS-385)


Frank Lloyd MM2(SS)
1966 USS Angler (SS-240)


John Probst QM3(SS)
1966 USS Redfin (SS-272)


Eternal Patrol May 4, 2019
Gary M Pelini EM1(SS)
1967 USS Entemedor (SS-340)


Timothy L Barker CDR
1968 USS Clamagore (SS-343)


James "Clutch" Koogler TM2(SS)
1968 USS Alexander Hamilton (SSBN-617)


John Wegman TM2(SS)
1968 USS Lewis and Clark (SSBN-644)


James "Bob" McDaniel MM2(SS)
1969 USS Skate (SSN-578)


Eternal Patrol August 8, 2019
William "Bill" Wright IC2(SS)
1969 USS Henry Clay (SSBN-625)

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